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le 16 février 2024

Nous donnons la parole à nos formateurs experts !

Mahina, formatrice, journaliste et auteur est une véritable globe-trotteuse (Nouvelle Zélande, Tahiti, Costa-Rica, Canada, Bali…). Laissez vous inspirer par son engagement et découvrez le programme de formation anglais professionnel pour la restauration, l’hôtellerie et le tourisme dans lequel elle intervient.

All in English, ready to embark with her ?

Elevate your Hospitality and Tourism Communication Skills


In today’s dynamic world of global hospitality, effective English communication is crucial for success, from servers to hotel directors, to travel agents and tourism professionals.


Recognizing this need, we have developed a specialized program tailored specifically for the hospitality, restaurant, and tourism industries. Our program is designed to equip professionals with the English language skills needed to excel in their roles, interact with international guests, and advance their careers in this fast-paced and competitive field.

This program goes beyond traditional language training, addressing challenges in bridging language gaps and ensuring seamless interactions with a diverse clientele. It’s not just a learning experience; it’s a dynamic journey tailored to meet each participant’s unique needs.


The methodology is rooted in customizing the learner’s experience through role-playing, case studies, and personalized training sessions. This ensures targeted guidance, enhancing language skills in real-world scenarios.

“As a seasoned journalist and former Guest Relations Manager in a luxurious African lodge, I bring cultural encounters from over 15 countries to this program. Drawing on my 15 years of English-speaking experience and being a qualified life coach and author, I offer thorough language mastery. 

Collaborating with CAPECIA, I join a team of dedicated experts to bring my expertise to this transformative linguistic adventure.”

To join us, visit our 🔎 program page and discover how to be part of this unique training initiative. This program aims to empower professionals with tailored language skills, fostering an inclusive, intercultural environment. Beyond language acquisition, it transforms participants into culturally adept individuals navigating real-world scenarios with ease.


Whether dreaming of serving guests, managing a restaurant, or leading a tourism venture, CAPECIA’s Professional English Program is your gateway to success. Designed to elevate careers, break language barriers, and foster personal growth, it covers presenting products, managing complaints, and fostering customer loyalty.


📌 It’s not just about learning; it’s about embracing the process with enthusiasm. Our approach centers on effective communication, adaptability, and a touch of humor, equipping participants with autonomy to excel in their roles.

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